Austin Kula Yoga is located in the heart of Tarrytown, Central Austin, Texas.

Austin Kula Yoga is a neighborhood family fitness studio in Tarrytown that offers yoga and nutritional workshops for you and the whole family! Yoga offerings include: Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal, Postnatal, Family, Children's, Parent & waddler, Teen classes and more.
Centrally located in the heart of Tarrytown near Westlake, Central Austin, Northwest Hills and downtown. We will see you on the mat soon!

Prenatal Flow Workshop

3-week series. Practicing prenatal yoga will help you move through the transformations of pregnancy with joy and ease. Poses are specifically chosen to promote strength, flexibility and mental calmness. The classes also provide a very loving, community atmosphere for mothers to be. All levels welcome.
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Kula Strong - Now 3 mornings!

Add some oompf to your om with this exclusively choreographed yoga flow with light weights. It's the perfect balance of yoga & toning, torching up to 400 calories in 50 minutes of fun upbeat music. The result... a calm, fit, and incredibly healthy you.
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Spring into Summer

This class is designed to be educational and friendly to All Levels. The room is heated to a balmy 80 degrees, a highly trained yoga instructor has choreographed a rewarding workout for the athlete in you. The class consists of:

*strength building poses like planks, lunges & squats.
* balance and flexibility improvement.
* solid core and ab work.

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Meditation 101 w/Randi Marks

Meditation is a subtle, yet powerful mind-body exercise. This class is designed to teach anyone who has been looking to start a practice the foundations needed to begin. Come and learn how daily meditation can change your life, bringing peace, harmony, and transformation into all aspects of your life.
Class meets every first Monday every month.
Tuition: $20 per class 6:30pm -7:30pm

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Quiet Mind, Open Heart Meditation Series

When we offer a kind-hearted attention to what is arising in our experience, we create the space for healing, health, and happiness. Through the practice of meditation we cultivate a presence of mind and openness of heart that invites wisdom and compassion into our lives and into the world. Each class includes a short Dharma talk, gentle movement, guided relaxation, silent meditation, and an opportunity for personal reflection and discussion.
8-week Morning Meditation
Guided by Kelly Lindsey
Thursday mornings: 9:30am-10:30am
March 20th-May 8th
tuition: $120

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